Building Your Social Media Strategy:
Your Six-Step Blueprint to Growing Community,
Attracting More Clients, and Increasing Your Revenue

Businesses today need a social media plan that gets it right, right out of the gate. You need to feel confident that your valuable time and resources are being spent in ways that serve you and your clients. That means giving weighty consideration to all the components that make up a rockin’ social media strategy, and like any dynamic, interdependent entity, the strategy is only as strong as the weakest component. My role is to guide, teach, and assist you so that there are no weak components. I will walk you through the six steps to creating a social media plan that will prepare you for engagement, growth, competition, profit, and, dare I say it… fun!

Join me for this six-week virtual program that will take you from a state of overwhelm and avoidance to one where you are knowledgeable and energized by the possibilities that social media holds for you and your business.

Who is this for?

You don’t need a sales background in order to be successful in social media. In fact, it’s often better if you don’t have one! This program is ideal for independent business owners who can make their own decisions and don’t have to coordinate with other departments or oversight bodies. It’s for the entrepreneur who knows her business well and needs to look beyond her traditional audience to grow her community of followers and prospects. It’s for the curious and adventurous spirit who recognizes the reach and ubiquity of the internet and wants to harness its power for his own business purposes. If you don’t yet have an online presence that you call home (often a website), if prospects are asking you if you’re on Twitter, or if your closest competitor just launched his Facebook page, then you definitely need to enrol in this program!

How it Works

Starting on September 14th and each Wednesday after that for six weeks, you’ll have access to a one-hour training session, complete with handouts and downloads. You’ll have a few days to consider and work with the content, and then on the following Monday, I’ll host a one-hour (might go longer!) Q&A call when I’ll answer any questions that have come up. You can also submit your questions by email instead of being on the call live, and access the recording later to hear the answers.

The Content

Week One: Your Clients are the Heart of your Business!

  • You will re-examine how well you know your clients and are speaking their language.
  • What pain does your client experience when he comes knocking at your door?
  • Do you have a profile of your ideal clients so you know as much as possible about them, including which social media channels they use?
  • How are you filing and accessing your demographic information? Do you use Customer Relationship Management software?

Week Two: Getting Clear on Your Offer

  • You will become very clear on what it is you do for your clients, and how their lives are transformed after working with you or buying your products. We’ll look beyond the surface to the impact that you have on people’s lives and businesses.
  • If you aren’t clear on your offer, your key messages won’t have impact, not online, not offline, not anywhere.
  • If you’re emphasizing features instead of benefits, your readers will lose interest.
  • A part of knowing your offer is knowing yourself: your strengths, triggers, mindset, and boundaries. These are a huge part of your success!

Week Three: Let’s Talk Objectives

  • This module is all about making sure you have set appropriate objectives, and tying these objectives to your overall business goals.
  • Where is the business in its life-cycle? This can help you to identify what you should be doing in social media marketing: raising awareness, up-selling to current clients, etc.
  • You’ll set goals that are S.M.A.R.T.
  • Social media can’t do everything, and very little overnight, so the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll begin seeing results
  • We’ll also save some time to discuss the risks of social media and how you can minimize these

Week Four: The Walls of Your Social Media House

  • Bringing visitors into your system is critical to ending the constant hunt for new prospects.
  • We need to have the proper infrastructure to support our efforts online, and the biggies are a web presence and a mailing list. I’ll explain why these are so important and how to set them up.
  • I’ll also show you how ‘permission marketing’ can have a huge impact on your business success

Week Five: Your Social Media Presence

  • We’ll review the characteristics and norms of the Big Four (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) as well as blogging.
  • I’ll teach you how to get started and what to do first
  • Which channels are right for your business? Just because your cousin Bob is getting great results on Facebook does NOT mean you should be there!
  • I’ll teach you how to make these decisions now AND how to assess the newest social media channel when it appears in the future

Week Six: Measure Your Efforts

  • One of the great things about digital media is that each click, each open, each subscribe is recorded. The numbers and sources of these actions (metrics) will tell you if you’re meeting your objectives or not. They will tell you what’s working (do more of) and what’s not (do less of). They will tell you if you had them at hello, or if it took three months for them to know, like, and trust you.
  • There are now tools to measure just about everything out on the internet. I’ll show you some of the most popular evaluation tools so you can gauge the success of your efforts.
  • Not all metrics have the same value, and assumptions are shifting. I’ll make sure you’re measuring the right stuff!


To make it even easier for you to join me I’ve sweetened the pot with two special bonuses:

Bonus #1: A one-hour branding call during Week Three with Rhonda Page of Rhonda is a star at helping people get clarity in many areas of their business, and has 20 years’ experience helping global brands to differentiate themselves. After working for companies like Kraft and Coca Cola, she used her big business experience to design a program that helps the small business owner to create a strong, compelling brand – and a strong brand translates to sales and loyalty!

Bonus #2: One hour of personal coaching with me, to be used before December 15, 2011. During the call we can review your social media plan, your website, your mailing list set-up, your email strategy, content strategy, your social media accounts – everything is on the table! I`ll even record the call for you so you can listen to it later.

But wait!

As a Special Bonus (only for the next 7 people who register for the program): A one-hour Content Strategy call, with me, during Week Five. This session will show you how you can plan your social media activities so that you are contributing rich, noteworthy content. As they say, Content is King, and no social media effort will succeed unless what you say is valued by those reading it. I love teaching this part!

Your Investment

This program will be available for $497CAD.


The Schedule

Week One, September 14th: Your Clients are the Heart of your Business! + Q&A call on September 19th
Week Two, September 21st: Getting Clear on Your Offer + Q&A call on September 26th
Week Three, September 28th: Let’s Talk Objectives + Q&A call on October 3rd + Bonus call with Rhonda Page
Week Four, October 5th: The Walls of Your Social Media House + Q&A call on October 10th
Week Five, October 12th: Your Social Media Presence + Q&A call on October 17th + Bonus call on Content Strategy (only for the next 7 people who register – be sure you’re one of them!)
Week Six, October 19th: Measure Your Efforts + Q&A call on October 24th
Before December 15th: Your one-on-one strategy call with yours truly!

Satisfaction Guarantee!

For some of my clients, just hearing the term “social media” triggered a fight or flight response! If this is you too, then you HAVE to join us!

I want you to be totally thrilled with your experience in this program. If you feel you aren’t getting what you need by the end of the second Q+A call (September 27th) let me know and I will refund 100% of your fee. You get the first two modules plus two Q&A calls before you have to decide – that rocks!

Cancellation requests received after that date will be applied to future workshops, programs, or coaching services.


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